Wedding Wednesday: Registry Edition

Since I’ve thought about getting married, I always pictured my registry process to be my fiance and I jumping around to Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target (favorite), West Elm (also favorite) and using the gun to register for all the pretty little interior items we’re going to build a life together with.

Well, turns out reality looked like I have an online shopping addiction and very little spare time, so I went with Blueprint Registry and it did not disappoint…I mean, how could you not enjoy building your registry will sipping on mimosas in your PJs?!?

I love Blueprint because it allows me to build a custom registry website, complete with personalized photos and messages to guests.  It also allows you to embed this magical, Pinterest-like button to your browser which makes it super easy to add items from any website.  Plus, it updates your items when they go out of stock.  The best part…you can add items like my personal favorite, a honeymoon fund!  Brides-don’t be afraid to add experiences to your registry…after all it’s about the moments not the items right?

So I’m sharing some of my registry must-haves: 

Kitchen-Aid 5 Quart Mixer in Aqua Sky

register one

This piece is equally pretty as it is functional; add a pop of color to your kitchen + bake all of your fiance’s favorites.

Gold Flatware

register two

Guys, I loveeeeeee gold things, and that includes flatware.  Add some metallics to your place settings!

Modern China

register fiveDo we still need to listen to our mothers + grandmothers when they say “register for china”…my answer, yes, because when else are you going to buy it, plus it’s so pretty!

Monogrammed Wine Trough

register six Wine-lover like me?  Don’t forget to add a wine trough with your NEW MONOGRAM!!!

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