The EASIEST Everyday Pony

Guys you can find me rocking a pony tail more often than not, especially on the weekends!  I get a lot of questions on my Instagram about how how I get the waves in my hair so I figured I would do a step – by – step guide!

For the easiest weekend look, follow these steps:


hair tutorial

You’ll need the essentials:

Hairspray – this is my ABSOLUTE FAV because it’s smells amazing + holds my waves in place for days!

Curling Iron – I’ve had this one for years and it works like a charm!  I recommend using a 1″ barrel.

Ponies – my go-to is always black.  I use two ponies because my hair is so thick and I want to make sure it stays in place all day long.

Dry Shampoo – I’ve tried A LOT of different dry shampoo and Drybar’s Triple Sec is my absolute favorite.  I use it daily and it refreshes, cleans + adds texture and volume to my look.  Not even going to lie I’ve gone for five days without washing my hair with this bottle of gold!


ONE: Wash your hair the night before, brush it out and sleep on it to let it air dry so that you wake up with fresh, shiny locks.

TWO: Wake up and spray roots with dry shampoo to help volumize your pony before putting it up.

THREE: Toss your hair in a pony tail (I always wear mine high on the top of my head, but if you have short hair, go for a lower pony)!

FOUR: Use the curling iron to wrap about 1″ think sections of hair around the barrel, hold on heat for about 5 second, let loose and repeat until your entire pony is curled.

FIVE: Give it a good spray with your hairspray to ensure your curls don’t drop throughout the day.

SIX: Tousle the little hair whispys around your face and put at the hair on the crown of your head to loosen up the look a little bit!

SEVEN: Leave the house with the PERFECT pony, let the compliments come in all day long anddd enjoy not having to worry about your hair at all!

Finished Product 


Ta-da! My favorite hair look ever!  Hope this helped you have the best hair day!

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