Bar Cart Essentials

We’re getting closer and closer (less than four months) away from the wedding!!  And that means registry gifts are starting to show up on my stoop, and guys, I’m sooooo excited!  For those of you that know me, you know I love styling interiors just as much as a I do outfits!  They’re both a way to express your personal style.

I’ve been absolutely NEEDING a bar cart, and this one below was perfect to go with the neutrals + metallics in my apartment.  Check out how I styled it and SHOP the essentials (which are also good just to have for general decor!!!), below:

Mixed Materials Bar Cart 

IMG_4883 (1)


TIP: Add your personal style to your bar cart by adding pretty little touches that you love…for me it’s always gold!  Personalize with monogrammed letters and family photos inside a fun frame!

SHOP this interior look by clicking the links below or on my Instagram...I promise it’s the best way to entertain your friends!

Bar Cart 

Wood + Metal Vase


Monogram Letters

Marble Coasters

Gold Straws

“SIP” Swizzle Sticks

Faux Fur Throw Pillow 

“Press for Champagne” Wall Decor 

Mercury Candle

Gold Picture Frame



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