How to Achieve All of Your #HairGoals

GUYS – I debated writing this post because my main passion is fashion BUT I have to share my latest hair secret with you because it’s SERIOUSLY THAT GOOD.

I’ve heard really good things about the new Kristin Ess line at Target so it’s been on my list to give it a try.  While I was there for coffee creamer (and clothes and shoes and everything else that ends up in my card while I’m in the Target black hole)  – I saw this pretty blush bottle and was instantly attracted to it…but when I popped it open to smell it I WAS INSTANTLY SOLD.  That’s the best part – not only does this stuff make all of your hair dreams come true…it smells AMAZING, literally like you’re walking out of a salon every. single. day.

Want this easy, go-to wavy look that works for both long and short hair for UNDER $60?

If the answer is yes, without further adieu, – meet the dream team:

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 6.16.19 PM

Kristin Ess – “The One” Signature Shampoo

Apply a dime size of this delish smelling magic to your hair in the shower, rinse.

Kristin Ess – “The One” Signature Conditioner  

Apply a good amount to your freshly shampooed hair at the ends and a little below the roots, but not to the roots. Leave in for three minutes. Rinse.

Kristin Ess – “Dry Finish” Working Texture Spray  

Once your hair is freshly cleaned, brushed to perfection with your wet brush, and dried…separate your hair into curling layers, apply the texturizing spray to each layer before curling with a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron. Once all layers are curled, give only last spray for a dry finish.

Kristin Ess – “Style Reviving” Dry Shampoo

THIS STUFF IS A GOD SEND. Truly. I use this every day, multiple times a day, and yes, I do apply it to my clean hair. Once you have the waves you want, apply the dry shampoo to the roots and TA-DAH, you’re golden.

If you end up trying out these products! Let me know how you like them on my instagram post – @thedailykaylieblog.


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