3 Ways to Prep for a Productive Week

If you’re like me – you probably sit through Sunday stressing, scrolling through Instagram to distract yourself, stressing again, drinking mimosas to distract yourself, stressing some more, shopping to distract yourself, stressing again…well, you get the picture.

You’re not alone! Without fail I wake up with Sunday Scaries to the point where I wouldn’t even consider Sunday part of the weekend, it was like pre-Monday for me. Through the past couple of months I’ve formed some habits that help me to actually *relax* on a Sunday so I wanted to share them with you in the case they help you do the same! XO


Prepping meals, creating to-do lists, scheduling dog school, booking appointments, planning outfits – whatever it is that feels tedious to do throughout the week, do it on Sunday right when you wake up. For me, it’s planning what I’m going to blog about that makes me feel the most at ease. So Sunday mornings always consist of hot, freshly brewed coffee, The Lumineers playlist on repeat and content/outfit planning.



After I plan I ALWAYS catch up on things I missed last week – whether that’s emails, posts, calendar invites, WHATEVER. I try to get my email back to zero before I jump into a new week so that things don’t get lost. Inevitably, they still do and inevitably, I’m only human so I can’t do it all. <- ACCEPT THAT


For me, that means a sweat sesh at OrangeTheory, followed by a venti caramel iced coffee and a mani, and then a therapeutic stroll down the aisles of Whole Foods (does anyone else find grocery shopping along relaxing?!). But it can be different for everyone – figure out what makes you feel less anxious and DO IT!

I hope this helps make for a great week! Share your tips with me in the comments and follow my Instagram for more tips like this!


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