Living in Small Spaces: Work Nook

I have officially been evicted – my office turned into babygirl’s nursery but I still needed a place to really sit down and work that wasn’t my dining room table or my couch! So I moved all my supplies to under our floating staircase and GUYS I’M IN LOVE!

We live in a condo in Philadelphia so literally every square foot counts and my desk just happened to fit perfectly under the stairs. I love that I can still see everything else going on in my house while I’m working and bonus points because I’m right next to the coffee machine so refills are endless :).

Anyway, sharing all my favorite office supplies and desk details at the links below! PS – a lot of them are on sale including the desk, chair AND pillows so run, don’t walk.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 8.45.15 AM


Industrial Chair 

Throw Pillows Options (here, here and here)

Vintage Empty Frames 



FAVORITE Planner + Stationary Options (here and here)

Making a House Feel Like Home

GUYS! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE in our favorite city, Philadelphia- and it was stressful and terrifying and hard and exactly the opposite of everything I thought it would be 🙂 BUT in the end, it was totally worth it and while I’m still adjusting, I’m happy to say that the new place is starting to feel like home.

I’m a firm believer that a new place doesn’t feel like your own until there are pictures on the walls and a big pretty carpet on the floor. That’s why when we moved in I knew I had to go interior shopping ASAP, so I hit up the usual suspects – HomeGoods, Pier 1, West Elm, and my two personal favorites, Facebook Marketplace and local thrift stores. I’m not even kidding – Facebook marketplace has some GEMS that have real character you can’t find in a store. Don’t knock it till ya try it.

Anyway, my personal interior style is distressed chic. I like bright whites combined with dark accent colors and lots of vintage pieces. While our house is still a work in progress, I think we finished my favorite room – the living room! Product details linked below – happy decorating.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 8.07.28 PM

Click below for links to my outfit: 

Blush Wedges

Distressed Denim

White Tank IMG_1396IMG_1395IMG_1397IMG_1394

Click below for links to home decor: 

Throw Pillows (from HomeGoods as of recent, but I linked similar ones here)

Teal Pillow 

Navy Pillow 

Beaded Pillow

Studded Brown Leather Couches 

Personalized Throw 

Area Rug 

Marble Serving Tray 


Large Wall Clock 

Picture Frames (I found these at a flea market in Cape May, NJ but linking similar)

Copper Brackets 

Bar Cart


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Bar Cart Essentials

We’re getting closer and closer (less than four months) away from the wedding!!  And that means registry gifts are starting to show up on my stoop, and guys, I’m sooooo excited!  For those of you that know me, you know I love styling interiors just as much as a I do outfits!  They’re both a way to express your personal style.

I’ve been absolutely NEEDING a bar cart, and this one below was perfect to go with the neutrals + metallics in my apartment.  Check out how I styled it and SHOP the essentials (which are also good just to have for general decor!!!), below:

Mixed Materials Bar Cart 

IMG_4883 (1)


TIP: Add your personal style to your bar cart by adding pretty little touches that you love…for me it’s always gold!  Personalize with monogrammed letters and family photos inside a fun frame!

SHOP this interior look by clicking the links below or on my Instagram...I promise it’s the best way to entertain your friends!

Bar Cart 

Wood + Metal Vase


Monogram Letters

Marble Coasters

Gold Straws

“SIP” Swizzle Sticks

Faux Fur Throw Pillow 

“Press for Champagne” Wall Decor 

Mercury Candle

Gold Picture Frame



Major Mantle Decor Inspo

My favorite thing about my little Philadelphia row home is my mantle!  We’ve officially been in our place for a year, so I’ve been able to tackle every season & holiday.  So I’m sharing my mantle decor for some major inspo!

Homegoods, Hobby Lobby & Target are my go-to stores for home decor…you can always find good stuff that you can personalize to fit your interior style!


summer mantle

Summer decor calls for metallics + light florals + warm candles for those thunder-storm filled nights.  Fun fact: the candles inside the gold terrariums have dried lavender in them and are from Homegoods!


thanksgiving mantle

I love pulling the colors of the fall leaves inside with candles (plus, they smell delicious!). Throw in a bronze banner and some of your favorite little black and white photos to add your personal touch!


christmas mantle

The (furry) stockings were hung on the chimney with care…and also  so were the glittery, wood inspired candles, pom-pom banners, and “JOY” signage. This was an idea I had since we moved in and I had to create the “JOY” decor from my imagination…with open & empty frames, individual letters and a small wreath. It’s the perfect DIY project!


valentine's mantle

I decorate for Valentine’s day because not only is it one of my favorite holidays (I’m a lover of love), but also my birthday!  I added a fun banner, dried roses and my favorite picture ever…who doesn’t love a good proposal to accent your romance mantle!?

Everyday Decor 

regular mantle

And of course, you need your everyday decor!  Candles add instant warmth to any room, throw on your favorite accents and photos and you’re all set to entertain your friends & family at any given time!